Source code for tianshou.highlevel.params.noise

from abc import ABC, abstractmethod

from tianshou.exploration import BaseNoise, GaussianNoise
from tianshou.highlevel.env import ContinuousEnvironments, Environments
from tianshou.utils.string import ToStringMixin

[docs] class NoiseFactory(ToStringMixin, ABC):
[docs] @abstractmethod def create_noise(self, envs: Environments) -> BaseNoise: pass
[docs] class NoiseFactoryMaxActionScaledGaussian(NoiseFactory): def __init__(self, std_fraction: float): """Factory for Gaussian noise where the standard deviation is a fraction of the maximum action value. This factory can only be applied to continuous action spaces. :param std_fraction: fraction (between 0 and 1) of the maximum action value that shall be used as the standard deviation """ self.std_fraction = std_fraction
[docs] def create_noise(self, envs: Environments) -> GaussianNoise: envs.get_type().assert_continuous(self) envs: ContinuousEnvironments return GaussianNoise(sigma=envs.max_action * self.std_fraction)
[docs] class MaxActionScaledGaussian(NoiseFactoryMaxActionScaledGaussian): pass