class DummyEnvWorker(env_fn: Callable[[], Env])[source]#

Dummy worker used in sequential vector environments.

close_env() None[source]#
get_env_attr(key: str) Any[source]#
render(**kwargs: Any) Any[source]#

Render the environment.

reset(**kwargs: Any) tuple[ndarray, dict][source]#
seed(seed: int | None = None) list[int] | None[source]#
send(action: ndarray | None, **kwargs: Any) None[source]#

Send action signal to low-level worker.

When action is None, it indicates sending “reset” signal; otherwise it indicates “step” signal. The paired return value from “recv” function is determined by such kind of different signal.

set_env_attr(key: str, value: Any) None[source]#
static wait(workers: list[DummyEnvWorker], wait_num: int, timeout: float | None = None) list[DummyEnvWorker][source]#

Given a list of workers, return those ready ones.